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Lee's Summit Academy History

Lee’s Summit Academy was established in 2001 under its original name, World Revival Church Academy. What began as an educational center that used online curriculum, with an in class teacher, turned into our current three schools. From World Revival Church Academy, we named our school Libby Lane Academy, because we were located on the street of the same name. With the increased growth and notability in the community, we determined the need for one more name change to better suit the needs of our ever- growing community. Lee’s Summit Academy is an educational center that houses the Libby Lane Preschool, the Libby Lane Montessori and the Lee’s Summit Academy. We have the honor of servicing students from 18 months to 12th grade in our stand-alone facility. We are a teacher facilitated environment that has a variety of electives, and sustained growth. What started as a 2 room school, is now a 38,000 square foot facility.

Lee's Summit Academy Mission Statement

Lee’s Summit Academy will help build an educational foundation to ensure our students’ success by providing:


  • A safe environment

  • Instruction and practice of academic skills

  • Guidelines for responsible citizenship and social behavior with a strong foundation of Christian values

  • Positive role models

  • An awareness of career opportunities

  • Access to current technology

Christian Philosophy of Education

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.
– C.S. Lewis


Lee’s Summit Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  At Lee’s Summit Academy, our goal is to teach the whole person so that students can learn to think for themselves and live God-honoring lives of purpose and meaning.  Our teachers meet students at their respective level of learning, and provide instruction that encourages them to succeed and continue to grow.    


One of our chief aims at Lee’s Summit Academy is to equip students with a quality education from a Biblical perspective; a learning environment that promotes Christian values that reach beyond our classroom walls.

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