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In our high school classrooms, we have implemented iPad Pro’s and Apple TV’s in place of the traditional whiteboards. The instructors are able to write on the iPad Pro and have it displayed on the Apple TV for advanced learning capability and use of technological advances.

In all of our classrooms we try to take advantage of the technology that we have. We have been using the kindle fires for extra math practice as well as word games. The students are able to search the internet (with the parental controls turned on) as well when we do projects. The students have been introduced to “” which is a great way for teachers to get the students studying a topic that we have been going over, but in a fun interactive way. The teacher creates study questions, or searches for topics that other teachers have already created. Then the students enter in the code that the teacher displays and it becomes like a trivia game. They really enjoy this. We are so excited to have the kindle fires because technology really is the future and these students pick up on it so fast that it’s almost second nature to them. While we do love using them, we do limit the amount of time we use them each day. We don’t want our students to become robots who are sitting on their tablets all day. But, we do give them plenty of time to interact with it and get some extra practices in.

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